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Empowering Your Indigo Child: A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit
By Wayne Dosick, PhD and Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW

Empowering Your Indigo Child

Insightful, explanatory, visual, empathetic, useful, compassion filled and timely are just a few terms that came to mind after reading Empowering Your Indigo Child: A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit.

My own journey to learn more about Indigos and how to better teach them has brought me to many interesting places. Not all people believe in the Indigo story nor do all Indigos believe that they are this way. Yet my teaching practice the past twenty years has helped me better understand that the children I work with today are different from those of twenty years ago, as is their parenting.

Wayne and Ellen Dosick have imparted a new knowledge for how to physically, emotionally, and mentally work with Indigos that are present in our lives. According to the Dosicks, there are three age levels of people that would benefit from the healing techniques offered. The youngest group is composed of the young souls from birth to around age seven. They are the most recent souls from the Divine and their needs are often misconstrued.

The next age group is compiled of the children from around the age of seven to seventeen. They are the ones we all see in the school systems, playing soccer and baseball on the weekends and they are the ones that this handbook is most geared. Finally, there are the adult Indigo, all of those people after the age of seventeen.

Information for how to impart the healing techniques to each group is clearly provided. A majority of the book concerns how to deal with children between the ages of seven to seventeen. Parents are encouraged to try the YOUMEES, healing strategies that are tactile in motion and also involve a real connection between the parent and the child.

For the benefit of this review, I tried all the healing strategies outlined for the adults: The Point of Essence Process, proclaiming the truth of who you are. According to the authors, this activity was to be done with the full acceptance that it was for me and for my own healing and higher good.

The directions along with the photos of hand and body positions further explained the strategies for how to do the healing. Anyone who is an adult and considers himself or herself an Indigo should try the Point of Essence Process because it does open one’s mind, heart, and soul to a healing Source.

The Dosicks do advise that sometimes a person may need to repeat the Point of Essence Process if they consider there was no significant change after the first time. This statement only begs the question of when one realizes there has been a change.

However, the focus of the book is for parents and their children who may be Indigos. The authors carefully outline the definition and traits of Indigos. There are the Indigos performing well in society as planned for and their characteristics speak for them: highly functioning, managing several friendships and relationships, understood and reaching levels of efficiency and creativity unthought-of in recent years.

There are also the Indigos who have not fully assimilated into mainstream society and into places like schools and work. These Indigos provide their parents, caregivers, teachers, and others plenty of opportunities for growth-loads of challenges. Many of these Indigos are often misunderstood, excluded, overly medicated, highly creative and intuitive, and marginalized by the typical and conventional thinkers of society. Should they have to mainstream into our society? Often they are mirroring to us what needs to be changed!

All of the Indigo children described would appreciate the positive healing and soul nurturing that The 17 are designed for. The authors provide an easy to read listing of The 17 woundings or behaviors in the book along with how the wound is manifested and where the pain is often found in the body. For example:

#9 Selfishness
The fear of coming out to interact with this-world experience.
Centered in the back of the heels.

Maybe this is not your typical explanation for selfishness since it does not address material wealth or generosity; instead it describes how much one chooses to interact and be with others. Hence, the pain in the heels, and when we are selfish how we tend to “dig in our heels.”

All seventeen of the woundings are explained thoroughly so the parent-facilitator and child will grasp a more clear idea of what they are going to try and work on together. After each one of the healing activities is completed there is a statement made by the parent and child in unison, “Concluded, Complete, Discharged”. As if to say that, their work together has been finalized when it came to resolving issues with a certain wounding.

Furthermore, one may also want to use The 17 as a springboard of discussion between parent and child regarding what may appear to be woundings. Often I have had parents ask for advice on how to better deal with their child’s behavior and feelings of low self-esteem, and maybe some pre-reading about The 17 would further enlighten parents as to their child’s giftedness and apparent discomfort in this world.

For parents of very young children, ages zero to seven years, GraceLight: Weaving Harmony for the Littlest Indigo is provided. One may be wondering why and how children so young would need all the extra attention, but it is the very young who have recently arrived on Earth that feels the greatest separation from the Divine Source.

They are experiencing a real disconnection and often what seems like an earthly dilemma of not sleeping and crying all night could be their cry of discomfort here on Earth.

The GraceLight process is in the hands of the parents and involves about fifteen minutes. Parents who engage in this process will facilitate a change that will bring about a more peaceful and joyful demeanor in their child.

The authors highly recommend that parents repeat the GraceLight process once a month near or on the date of the child’s birth date. The repitition of healings will also help maintain the child’s cosmic connection to the Divine and to their soul’s intended purpose here on Earth.

In conclusion, Wayne and Ellen Kaufman Dosick have presented an explanatory book replete with unconventional wisdom and spiritual guidance on the very nature and healing of Indigos from birth to adulthood.

They have excluded no one, even including a section about the parents who were born between 1947 and 1957, referred to as Dragonflies and the specialness of their relationship to their Indigo children.

The days following my read of the book and own personal intention with the healing Point of Essence Process for adults, I found myself telling many friends about this book. It occurred to me that the Point of Essence Process had begun to work, ever so gently in my life.

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