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It is now 2015, and in the thirteen years that this web site has been on the Internet, there has been a bloom of information regarding Indigo children. I have personally noticed the changes and been a part of the transformations. We are all making transformations in our lives, with or without Indigo energy.

Furthermore, the years 2011-2014 seemed extremely fast academic school years. I thought 2012 was quick, but everything sped up more in the recent school years. For example, the end of school happened so quickly that I almost did not but soon realized that many students were leaving for graduation. Their energy and presence was moving on at a rapid pace.

Just a few years ago I was explaining to those studentshow changes were abounding in the world and now they were going to be a part of the change. Indigo energy, often misunderstood but it is making its presence known.
My intial question still stands, "Ever notice how different the children of today, are different from when you were a child?" The young adult Indigos that are entering colleges, their first professional job, on their career paths or voting in a presidential election for the first time are working on all these changes, either subtley or in a most overt manner.

They are different, not inside any typical box or adhere to any label. So many of the adults and older generation, are the typical learners.

These children just seem to know it all, are self assured, fearless to the point of reckless, have high energy and have provided us with a new meaning for intelligence.

They have wisdom, intuitive knowledge, are pleasant to be around and sometimes create havoc. They have also have been considered the "system busters" because their level of technological skills and intuition are forming new patterns of societal communications.

They are helping us to see that old patterns and traditional experiences are no longer working and that we must change along with the old ways. They are the students who ask the more than usual amount of "why and how" questions and or also play with all the toys at once. They are the Indigo children.

 indigo child in blue picture

The term Indigo Child was coined in 1984 by Nancy Ann Tappe because of the color of the life source seen surrounding these children. Tappe, a parapsychologist, ordained minister and professional educator, worked for at least nine years to prove to herself that she was accurate about these children.

"A wise adult in a very young body." Lee Carroll

Eventually, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober brought together several doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, paranormal investigators, teachers, parents and Indigo children to explain the growing existence of these bright and marvelous souls. Their book, The Indigo Children, was published in 1999.

This website seeks to integrate the vast amount of information documented in the book and related sources and also apply personal teaching and spiritual life experiences as a source. Furthermore, I teach Indigos and some Crystals, all are a credit to the marvelously evolving spiritual energy that is raising the consciousness of the world. When working with these wonderful kids I teach with a:

A Sense of God or awareness of a higher belief system

A Sense of Integrity

A Sense of Humor

A Sense of Consequences


Patience and LOVE!

This website is divided into four main sections: Profile of the Indigo, Indigo Mind, Indigo Body and Indigo Spirit. Sources used are also listed for your review. A page that explains my background and how to contact me is also provided. Good luck on your endeavors to work with these marvelously gifted souls.

~Diana T. Mackiewicz,



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