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The anatomy of the Indigo Spirit is by far the most complicated part of these souls. They are highly evolving human beings who have a universal knowledge of how things work and what is expected of them. This section does not cover the total profile of the Indigo Spirit but attempts to help you find your way through the mysteries of the Indigo. The basic suggestions I make when dealing with their spiritual side is to practice: respect, understanding, patience and love.

When Indigo students enter a class space for the first time they inspect it, not unlike other students. But the Indigo also registers in his/her soul and body the energy of the space and will let you know if they are uncomfortable in there or not. They are able to tell if something negative happened in the last class that was in the room. The best way to manage their fears or questions is to answer them as honestly and straightforward as possible.

The Indigo student is not only perceptive but intuitive enough to understand when someone has an ulterior motive. Many are gifted with the ability to "read" people. Therefore, it is not a wise thing to try and convince an Indigo child to do something they will not want to do.

An example of the above insight involves their intuition and mutual respect: Some of my Indigo students in my poetry class asked if I was going to a school function for Seniors. I did not want to give the honest answer but finally gave in because I knew anything less was dishonest. I said,"Since you asked me in a straight-forward way, then I will tell you the truth. No, I am not going because I do not like the way some kids' feelings get hurt at these events." End of discussion. Next evening the student who had asked the question had her feelings hurt very deeply at the event. It was not a teaching moment for me but an experience that I think she will always remember.

They do not respond readily to guilt trips, absolute authority, or peer pressure that is without integrity. It is integrity that must be included in every conversation, lesson plan, note or everyday comment. The Indigo student appreciates the honor you give when teaching them with integrity.

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However, it is important you respect yourself and also model your boundaries. Indigos will respect their parents and teachers sincerely who display personal respect and do not easily give away their power. It has been my experience that that if I tell my students how I am feeling before a class, they will respond appropriately.

One highly intuitive group came into class one morning and told me that I did not like them! They were picking up on my migraine headache and interpreted it as a negative sign against them. Once I explained my headache, they were sympathetic and more willing to get to work!

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Further work with Indigos may include some self-education in the eastern philosophy of reincarnation. A belief in reincarnation is not necessary to raise an Indigo child but knowledge of this belief system may de-mystify some of the challenges when raising and educating them.

In keeping with reincarnation, a suggestion is to see your students as spiritual equals. The importance of understanding this position combines with a strategy that the Indigos will understand. As the teacher or parent, you establish that in this incarnation you are responsible and will assure the student's safety. Remind the Indigo student that you are in charge for that school year, or during that class and that their job is to pay attention and act responsibly until they are in charge. They are honored for being there and also given the opportunity to make choices that they can handle.

For example, my Indigo students were devastated on Sept. 11, 2001, almost distraught with worry. We were all worried and anxious that day. Finally I told them to sit back and let the school administration make the numerous phone calls to parents and others and for them to not worry about all the details. I also reminded the students that at times like this it is best to trust those who have been trained to handle emergencies. This final comment brought peace and harmony back to the class room although no planned work took place the rest of the day.

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Presenting choices often clarifies to the Indigo student their need to choose and commit. It will also help them to organize their priorities. Freedom to choose will help the Indigo student realize their own boundaries, limitations and share in the decision-making. Since they do not operate well with absolute authority constructs and old systems, their non-conformist ideals will prevail.

If one is pushed into the "corner" by an Indigo for an answer immediately on a decision, it is best to say, "Let me think about it." This is not dishonest, you are basically asking for more time to consider the matter.

I had one vocal, independent Indigo teenager crowd me into the "corner" regarding a matter in class. The subject and time were not appropriate for class discussion. The continued to press me for an answer and I replied, " Let's talk about this later. We definitely can talk later." The student smiled at me and calmly returned to her work. In that instant I had honored her request and also projected my authority in the classroom. The student followed up on the later time to talk and it was a productive conversation.

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Help the Indigo student to discover their spiritual values and belief system. Organize your class space, lessons, home-school, and family around expected outcomes and principles of appropriate behavior. Allow the Indigo child to achieve their outcomes and self-identify principles of appropriate behavior. Burdening the Indigo with absolute authority figures for the sake of tradition will not inspire these gifted and fearless souls. Remember that the Indigo has a great heart for humanity and innate empathy for social justice. They will always respond to heartfelt desires and habits.

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