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Profile Characteristics of Indigo children:

  • Technological children-born to use computers.

  • Energy level very high.

  • They come into the world with a feeling of importance.

  • They have a feeling of "deserving to be here", more like entitlement.

  • Self-worth is not critical since they tell others "who they are".

  • Absolute authority without question is a problem for them.

  • They simply will not do certain things, such as waiting in line.

  • Frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented like graduation ceremonies.

  • They often see easier and more effective ways to do things at home and at school, nonconformists to most systems, "system busters".

  • Appear antisocial and withdrawn unless around their own kind, therefore social and interpersonal difficulties.

  • They will not respond to "guilt trips".

  • Not shy in letting you know what they need or do not want.

  • Intuitive to the level of displaying psychic abilities.

Paraphrased from The Indigo Children, authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

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Four Types of Indigo Personalities




The Indigo Humanist will be the teachers, docotors, nurses, lawyers, businessmen, politicians and salespeople of tomorrow. They will work directly with the masses of humanity. Their high verbal skills and friendly manner will make them very effective communicators in whatever occupation they choose. Furthermore, they will participate in everything choosing to leave nothing out. They are the child that has all their toys out on the floor at once. Another trait of the Humanist is their avid reading. Instead of going to sleep, doing their homework or cleaning their room they will be found reading.

chemistry equipmentConceptual:

The Indigo Conceptual will be the engineers, architects, scientists, astronauts, pilots, military officers. They will be more in their head than their heart and often involved in many projects at once. They will have strong athletic abilities to balance out their strong emphasis on head work. Control issues with authority figures of the opposite sex will create problems for them. Furthermore, they will have tendencies toward addictions which parents should note as a warning sign.

art suppliesArtist:

The Indigo Artist represents the artistic, creative and more sensitive of the Indigos. These children are the creators in whatever endeavor they choose. They will make very good teachers, artists, writers, actors, poets, web designers, and musicians. In their pursuit to find what they are best at, they will try several genres of a field of interest. For example, the Indigo Artist may pursue pottery, printmaking, watercolors, sculpture, mixed media, graphic arts, and anything else in art before they settle down and become a master in that field. Whatever their choice, they will become a master artist in that area.


The Indigo Interdimensional will display the attitude that they already know it all. At an early age they will answer with comments like, "I already know that. I can do it. Leave me alone". Their superior- like attitude will sometimes be seen as bullying but in fact they are the thinkers and idea people. They will help bring in new ways of thinking, spiritual practices and often lead the way in non-conformist thinking or "system busting". Because of their non-conformist like ideas they may also not readily fit in with mainstream society.


Paraphrased from The Indigo Children, authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

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