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Many sources were researched for this site. The main resource was the book, The Indigo Children, be Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, published 1999, Hay House. Another book that I found useful is Schools with Spirit: Nurturing the Inner Lives of Children and Teachers; edited by Linda Lantieri, published 2001, Beacon Press.

Lantieri has confronted head-on the subject of spirituality and emotional intelligence of today's students and their teachers. Methods and studies are presented that provide tangible information about teaching to the whole child.

There are also several websites that one may review, suitable for parents, teachers and students:

  1. The Indigo Child :This is the official website about Indigo children and refers to the book written by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Current information, resources and other links on the subject are also provided.

  2. Metagifted :This is an eclectic assortment of information, primarily New Age, that speaks about teaching gifted children, like Indigos. There are several other resources and links available on the site that are current.

  3. Innerself: New Attitudes :This is an article, Indigo Children, by Debra Hegerle, who is included in the book compiled by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. It is a mother's perspective on raising an Indigo child. Hegerle came from the left-brain world, first an accountant and eventually found her right-brain strength as a psychic.

  4. Respecting Indigo Children :Article by Melanie Melvin. Ph.d that explains the importance of respecting and trusting the Indigo child.

  5. Indigo Children :An interesting website from South Africa that has a thorough yet concise definition of Indigos. They are trying to put together an online newsletter for people associated with Indigos and also for Indigos.

  6. Divine Healing with Elizabeth Foley :Elizabeth Foley, located in Nashua, New Hampshire is a multi-talented lady and began her career in the pharmaceutical industry. She listened to the call of her intuition and has faithfully set out to help all Lightworkers find their path and to stay on it. She is most known for her angel therapy work and has recently completed her first book about her answer to the sacred call of a lightworker.

  7. Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Centre: Dr. J. Floor Anthoni is the Director of the Seafriends Centre in New Zealand. We had an email discussion about blue-green algae. This is a huge website and also an excellent source for studies of the ocean and marine sciences.

  8. Three art pieces were generously loaned to me by my daughter, Carol for this website. They are not to be used without permission.

  9. Many of the clip-art images were taken from Design Gallery Live.

  10. The blue-green algae was provided by Dr. Anthoni at Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Centre.

    Image of colored fish Image of colored fish Image of colored fish

I do not specifically endorse any product or trade name mentioned in this website. As a licensed and practicing educator and Reiki Master, I provide the information and allow your free will to make the choice of what you need. It is my highest intent to inform the public about Indigo children and viable methods to teach these students. I do not claim that all methods will work 100%, after all we are working with the most unpredicatable of variables, the human mind.

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